Quarterly meeting 1

On March 9th we had our first Booster Lab quarterly meeting. We started the meeting with two separate sessions: Booster Lab participants and interested HPE employees attended a masterclass while the Booster Lab mentors conducted their first review session. The masterclass was given by Marcel Lasonder, one of our legal experts, covering various topics ranging from legal entity forms to data protection laws.

After the masterclass the startup teams and mentors came together to enjoy a chat and some snacks together. Energized we started into our evening activity: an escape room experience! We had to solve many riddles, find keys to unlock boxes and ultimately be the first team to find the key for the treasure chest. It was a lot of fun and we all got a chance to collaborate on many little tasks.

In April we will have an interactive workshop where each startup will be given the chance to in the spotlight to show off their best sales pitch.