HPE Reimagine 2017

HPE has a long history of managing and analyzing massive quantities of data across both information systems and telecom operator networks. Over the last few years HPE has extended its capabilities across wireless, edge compute, and IoT device management. During Reimagine 2017 on Tuesday the 20th of June HPE and HPE Busiess Partners presented the latest technology and innovations demonstrating these new capabilities. HPE partners, customers, and employees got a chance to meet one another and make new connections. There was a lot of talking about the benefits from digital transformation and the new possibilities in the fields of Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and the Internet of Things.

New products and successful uses cases were presented demonstrating the impact of HPE in different sectors. Also many HPE Business Partners took the opportunity to showcase their products and present their new solutions. Many insightful and inspiring presentations confirmed the innovation power of the diverse group of HPE Business Ready Partners.

Briter, Converling, and Fibeo – three startups participating in the Booster Lab startup support program – also took the opportunity to present themselves to the more than 1000 attendees during the event. They  got a chance to talk to many of HPE’s partners and customers and collect new leads.

Another highlight of Reimagine 2017 was the HPE Partner Award ceremony. Nominated partners had a chance to win an award in 15 categories including HPE Hybrid IT Partner of the Year, HPE Aruba partner of the Year, and HPE Intelligent Edge partner of the Year. Booster Lab partner eshgro had also been nominated for an award, the ‘HPE Cloud Distri of the Year’ award.

Watch some of the highlights of Reimagine 2017 here:

Quarterly meeting 1

On March 9th we had our first Booster Lab quarterly meeting. We started the meeting with two separate sessions: Booster Lab participants and interested HPE employees attended a masterclass while the Booster Lab mentors conducted their first review session. The masterclass was given by Marcel Lasonder, one of our legal experts, covering various topics ranging from legal entity forms to data protection laws.

After the masterclass the startup teams and mentors came together to enjoy a chat and some snacks together. Energized we started into our evening activity: an escape room experience! We had to solve many riddles, find keys to unlock boxes and ultimately be the first team to find the key for the treasure chest. It was a lot of fun and we all got a chance to collaborate on many little tasks.

In April we will have an interactive workshop where each startup will be given the chance to in the spotlight to show off their best sales pitch.

Social Selling Roundtable

On February 16th we had our first Booster Lab Masterclass about social selling. We looked at how startups can fine-tune their online profiles to leverage the power of social media sharing. The importance of building, maintaining and engaging ones social online network as well as the usefulness of social media metrics was discussed.

We also used this opportunity to hand over the official Booster Lab agreements and get know each other better. A number of HPE employees attended the Masterclass giving them an opportunity to meet the Booster Lab participants personally, while also learning about social selling.

In the following months we will be organizing multiple Masterclasses covering various topics that will help the startups take the steps towards scaling up their business.


Official launch Booster Lab

On January 5th, HPE and Eshgro officially launched their accelerator program Booster Lab, with a kick-off at the HPE office in Amstelveen. It was an inspiring afternoon with the start-ups Altijdalleskwijt, Briter, Converling, De Zorgoppas, Fibéo, Fresh Toast, Freshrr, Luqo, Resq-club and Zazu and the participating mentors from HPE.

Booster Lab enables innovative start-ups to receive guidance for the period of one year. The program consists of three components: a start-up kit, mentoring and networking.

With the start-up kit, Eshgro offers scalable products and services that are valuable tools for the growth of the start-ups. Networking gives the start-ups access to HPE’s network and enables the start-ups to interact with each other during interesting events such as summits, masterclasses and festivals. In addition, networking gives the start-ups the opportunity to connect with HPE’s ecosystem. Moreover, each start-up will be matched with a mentor. These mentors are going to coach the start-up in terms of its validation, network and growth.

After the one year period, the start-ups graduate with a ceremony. During this grand event they can show the progress they made. After the ceremony, the start-ups will join the Alumni Circle.

The program is led by Lisa Aarsman (GWE Partner Marketing Manager) and sponsored by Henri van der Meulen (Director of Sales Strategy Planning and mentor Booster Lab).

As soon as the matches between the start-ups and mentors have been revealed, several events will be organized. So keep an eye on the agenda!

Xander Kinneging – Project Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise