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HPE Reimagine 2017

HPE has a long history of managing and analyzing massive quantities of data across both information systems and telecom operator networks. Over the last few years HPE has extended its capabilities across wireless, edge compute, and IoT device management. During Reimagine 2017 on Tuesday the 20th of June HPE and HPE Busiess Partners presented the […]

Quarterly meeting 1

On March 9th we had our first Booster Lab quarterly meeting. We started the meeting with two separate sessions: Booster Lab participants and interested HPE employees attended a masterclass while the Booster Lab mentors conducted their first review session. The masterclass was given by Marcel Lasonder, one of our legal experts, covering various topics ranging […]

Social Selling Roundtable

On February 16th we had our first Booster Lab Masterclass about social selling. We looked at how startups can fine-tune their online profiles to leverage the power of social media sharing. The importance of building, maintaining and engaging ones social online network as well as the usefulness of social media metrics was discussed. We also […]